What is Individually Warped?

Individually Warped is a perception. It is a voice you hear, a story you tell yourself over and over.

The story?

Everyone else has it all together while you go fumbling through days from one failure to the next. What’s worse, you think this is the life you deserve. You want to like people, you want them to like you but somehow in your mind and in your current view of reality you fail again. A victim to whatever demon taunts you.

This isn’t the life you deserve. Start listening to a different voice.

Move Forward

Everybody has crap

Everybody gets crushed and is forced with the choice to either allow that to consume them or to overcome the challenges and setbacks discovered in the aftermath.


For the past 20 years, I have let the people and things looking to crush me do just that. That ends today.

Over the past 20 years, I have denied myself of being happy, healthy, hopeful, friendly, powerful, faithful, loving, kind because I have never just been me. I have constantly been on the defensive feeling like my experience, my journey has made me less worthy of being fully engaged in life.

From my many failures, disappointments, attacks, and short-comings, I have yielded my right to do all of it and then move on. I have continued to battle to try and unring bells or more often pretend that those bells never got rung in the first place. 

Today I start new, declare myself to be on a journey to be wholly and authentically me without apology, living with conviction that the next day of my life is better than today and that from here on out I can be the husband, father, provider, friend, neighbor and employee that I need and want to be. NO OBSTACLE is too great to overcome, no setback is final because God sees and loves me.

I am smart, caring, talented, funny, engaging and none of what I have experienced has a right to change that unless I give it the right to do so. Nobody else has my story. Nobody else had the ability to see all of my shit so, I cannot expect them to treat me with kid-gloves nor can I treat them like they don’t have crap of their own. 

Today is the day I start to re-engage life fully. Today is the day I wipe the fog from my eyes, mind, and spirit. From this day going forward I will look to tomorrow remembering only the lesson of yesterday as a platform to grow from…I will overcome the setbacks and tragedies of my life to fully engage and be present with my wife, children, friends, neighbors and everyone I meet. 

My actions represent my genuine desire to be helpful to people and in so doing be a great provider for my family as well as a valuable member of my social circle and community.

I will wake with the realization that I am lovable, likable, kind, and successful. 

My community is my home, my neighborhood, my workplace, my church, my town.

God is with me and he is making all things new according to each of his promises and according to what we see as evidence n the words of the bible and in the lives of those who follow him.



Right now. Right this very minute I am fighting myself and all the crap that’s been dumped on me.  I’m a relatively talented person who, thanks to all the crap, has never really been able to put it together for any extended period of time. I hate it. I hate limping along feeling tormented, caged, …


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