what is Individually warped?

  1. Individually Warped is a transmedia storytelling platform that looks at success through the eyes of the one called faithful.
  2. We recognize what God is doing in and through those (famous and obscure) who are walking out their purpose, mission and call.
  3. We provide ideas, hope and virtual high fives to the doers and dreamers who have and have yet to find their way.

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Why is it called

Individually warped

Most people look at how things are done and simply go with the flow…you gotta be a little different to see things different. You gotta be a little crazy to say that out loud and then prove it to be true.


Always a creative soul I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug and believed God was calling me out. I “got out of the boat” and fell flat on my face. I tried again and had a little success only to give it away. Now with a little wisdom and more than a few years on my side I’m back to see what might happen if I apply wisdom and age to my own business again.


I am a great cheerleader…no kidding. I get a real kick out of seeing and hearing about the success and dreams of other people. Those stories and dreams fuel me and I bet they’ll do the same for you. BTW, success is not always defined by a string of zeroes and a decimal point. We’ll show you examples of that too.

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Observations and Interviews

To listen to the latest show, follow the link to “THE SHOW”.

In this section you can explore the things we find and create on a regular basis that won’t fit into an episode or fit into an episode of the show just yet.

You’ll see graphics, blog posts, editorials and audio and video content created by us and others from around the world.


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